Fire & Hazard Solutions is a leading safety solution provider by exceeding customers’ expectations through superior service delivery; innovation and commitment to safe guard our clients and their livelihoods. We are committed to maintain an outstanding relationship with impeccable credentials and unrivalled service where people matter and our customers are proud to be associated with.

The main thrust of our business is the conducting of Training on Defensive Driving, HSE and Fire Safety, consulting, Sales of safety and Electronic Security Service Equipment on behalf of clients to fulfill their legal obligations under the Regulatory Reform. We liaise with our clients on a regular basis in all legal aspects of current safety law and provide mediation services on their behalf with relevant enforcement authorities.


Best value

Integrity – We will do what we say.

Teamwork – We will work together to produce exceptional results.

Excellence – We continually challenge each other to improve our Training and products, our processes and ourselves.

Accountability – We will honour the commitments we make, and take personal responsibility for all actions and results.

Honesty – We will speak openly and directly, with understanding, respect and compassion and take responsibility for resolving issues.

Empowerment – We will seize the opportunity to exceed our customer’s expectations.

Diversity – We will create an environment that values and promotes the difference of race, nationality, gender, age, background, experience and style of our employees, consumers, dealers, and business partners.



 To ensure that the client can comply with any Best Value of Safety trainings, safety requirements we will discuss the proposed whole life of their premises to ensure that not only the immediate needs of the premises are met but that the services or systems. Equally, where the client’s premises do not have a long projected whole life, Fire & Hazard will endeavor with training and services which minimize the cost to the customer without compromising the safety of their staff or other users.